Weight of collected trash

Update On Our Roadside Trash Collection

Date Published: March 19, 2019

Here’s an update on our “trash walks” from last week. We finished cleaning the stretch of road between the stop signs in front of our office (about 1/4 mile). In doing so, we filled 5 heavy duty trash bags totaling 74 pounds. The most common type of item we picked up were aluminum cans, specifically beer cans, which is alarming for two reasons. Following that was fast food containers like wrappers, bags and cups. There were also “litter trends” which makes us think that most of the trash on this road has probably come from the same small handful of people. Over time, the garbage has built up to equal 74 pounds of garbage that could have easily been recycled and disposed of properly.

We encourage everyone to find their own small piece of land and post pictures of their cleanup effort.