The world is waking up to the scourge of plastics in our oceans and waterways, images and reports of beaches piled with plastic bottles and sea life suffering.

Brute Bin trash collectionElastec is a major manufacturer of oil spill equipment, we have developed groundbreaking and award-winning systems for collecting spilled oil from such environments. We have products for controlling and collecting floating plastics however we recognize that these tools could be enhanced and improved, we want to collaborate and innovate to find better Ways to Fight Plastic Pollution.

Currently, collection methods for floating plastic fall into two categories, static or passive. Static methods would be barriers strung across rivers and waterways, sometimes married to floating baskets or bins (Brute Bin / Brute Boom). Active methods include boats with integrated collection systems (Omni Catamaran).

Omni Catamaran trash skimmerElastec has already participated in numerous trials, installations and community programs. We are currently field testing Brute Bins in the United States and have traveled the country with our Omni Catamaran trash collection boat.  We also support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s “Clean the Bay Day.” Our employees collected 800 lbs of trash from Norfolk’s harbor in 2018.

We will be posting updates as we participate in cleanup initiatives and develop equipment. Elastec would like to hear from you if you have a plastic trash problem where we might be able to assist. We believe that by getting out there and working the problem we will evolve better solutions to this important problem.

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