Bottle Boom Fighting Plastic Pollution & Other Debris

Elastec installed a Bottle Boom in a small ditch that runs through the town. Most of the time the ditch is dry, especially in the summer months. However, after a large rainfall, a major flush event occurs and plastic pollution, debris, and other trash is washed down into it from several other roadside ditches. The three photos in this post show what the Bottle Boom collected over the course of a month.

ELASTEC Bottle Boom is a debris collection barrier that anyone can use at home. The boom is supplied as an empty sleeve that the owner can stuff using sealed plastic bottles. The boom is then installed in a local small creek or waterway to collect floating trash and debris. The Bottle Boom is ideal for groups looking to complete a community service project, such as Scouting groups, 4-H clubs, schools, or any group concerned with environmental cleanup.

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