Elastec offers a model oil skimmer that can be used in a classroom setting to demonstrate oil spill control technology and the oil skimmer working principle. We also manufacture the Bottle Boom that can be used for classroom experiments on floating trash control. These products can help lead to discussions about environmental issues and ways that they can be contained, controlled, and ultimately cleaned up.

Bottle Boom – DIY Containment Barrier

Elastec Bottle Boom DIY Containment Boom

The Bottle Boom is supplied as an empty sleeve that the owner can stuff using sealed plastic bottles. It is then installed in a local small creek or waterway to collect floating trash and debris. It can be used as an educational tool to demonstrate the damages of littering, how roadside trash can enter waterways, and how we can help keep our waterways clean.

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Oil Skimmer Model/Test Kit

Oil skimmer test kit

We offer a miniature hand operated oil skimmer model which demonstrates the oil skimmer working principle. This kit is ideal for assessing the performance of our drum oil skimmer with various types of oil. Simply pour the oil with water into the tray and turn the handle. As the floating drums rotate, oil adheres to the drum surface separating it from the water. Oil is wiped from the drum surface and drained into the collection trough. In a full-size skimmer, the oil would be pumped or sucked out to a remote containment location.

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