Bottle Boom – DIY Floating Debris Collection

ELASTEC Bottle Boom is a debris collection barrier that anyone can use at home. The boom is supplied as an empty sleeve that the owner can stuff using sealed plastic bottles. The boom is then installed in a local small creek or waterway to collect floating trash and debris. The Bottle Boom is ideal for groups looking to complete a community service project, such as Scouting groups, 4-H clubs, schools, or any group concerned with environmental cleanup.

The Elastec Bottle Boom is $88 per 15 ft length and $76 per 10 ft length.
Please contact us at +1 618-382-2525 or for orders and shipping charges outside the United States.

Bottle Boom can be used to help keep your local waterways clean of trash. It can also be used as an educational tool to demonstrate= the damages of littering, how roadside trash can enter waterways and how we can help keep our waterways clean.

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To use Bottle Boom, you will need about 15 plastic bottles. Lubricate the inside of the boom sleeve with dish soap water and begin sliding the bottles into the open end. Once filled, use the supplied zip ties to close the open end. Poly rope is provided to install the boom to ground anchors at your installation site. Tent spikes, embedded rocks and trees can be used as anchors where available.

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Bottle Boom Specifications

Boom Material22 oz. PVC
Boom Lengths Available10 and 15 ft. (3 and 4.5 m)
Height7 in (18 cm)
Package IncludesBoom Sleeve, Zip Ties, Nylon Rope
What You Will NeedSealed Plastic Bottles (20 oz), Anchors