Brute Bin working with Omni Catamaran

Elastec Brute Bin works with Omni Catamaran to collect floating trash and debris

Date Published: January 21, 2020

The ELASTEC Brute Bin can be used in conjunction with the Omni Catamaran to empty the basket of floating trash and debris. Stormwater runoff from ditches and streams can carry floating trash and debris with it to rivers and the ocean. The Brute Bin was designed to collect these floatables before they reach waterways.

Everyday trash enters our waterways from roadside rubbish carried by wind and stormwater runoff into lakes, streams, wetlands and rivers. Litter can continue to flow downstream into our oceans harming fresh and saltwater ecosystems along the way. “Floatables” such as plastic bottles, bags and straws; aluminum cans; Styrofoam cups and containers; food wrappers and other debris not only damage marine life, it is also unsightly and unsanitary for human life. This type of pollution is referred to as nonpoint source (NPS). In the United States, many Municipal Separate Stormwater Systems (MS4) are installing open water trash capture technologies, such as the Brute Bin, to reduce litter.