Trash along street in Harrisburg, PA

Trash along Harrisburg’s 3rd Street is building in storm water assets

Original Publication: CBS 21
Publication Date: February 12, 2020

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Excessive amounts of garbage have been collecting in storm water assets along 3rd Street.

“This was all full of trash, not just from a day or so,” said Elizabeth Hall, a resident of the Midtown area. “There is no reason why, once a week, they can’t come here with a crew and pick up the trash.”

Hall said she was walking to the Broad Street Market and saw the green storm water assets were littered with trash, so she took photos.

“I haven’t seen anyone in these pits;that’s the most honest thing I can tell you. But, I can also tell you these pits are fairly new as well,” said Erskine Powell, another resident of the Midtown area.

CBS 21 News went to City Hall and showed Mayor Eric Papenfuse her pictures.